Dear Joe: I want to make a viral video, what do I have to do to make one?

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“I always see this stupid videos go viral on tiktok, but none of my videos are seen by that many people and they are good videos, what do I have to do differently?.”

– disappointed from New York

So you’ve figured out what the public likes to see? You got that right, they love “stupid”, funny videos over professionally shot videos. Who would have thought?

What you need to do is focus more on producing videos that have some fun aspects to it. Take a look at whats trending right now in culture. I don’t mean what videos are working, I mean did something like the VMA’s happen last night and there was a headline that you can take advantage of. Use that in your video as a baseline and go from there. You never know what will be viral and who could create that trend. It could be your video for all you know. The most important thing to understand is that what you think might be stupid, others think are masterpieces and you need to learn from that instead of being judge mental.

Use apps like CapCut, which is owned by TikTok by the way, to browse trending templates and see what works. You won’t know what works until you post it!



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