How to create content from your mobile device

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In this day and age, we are living in a Digital First world. If you are not creating media with the device in your pocket, you’re making a grave mistake.

I put together a list of tools that will help you create content on the go.

1. Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a fundamental piece to the puzzle of “How do I grow my Social  Media?”

Canva is one of the best Graphic Design tools on the planet. You can create anything from a simple Instagram Post, to a Podcast Cover, all the way to a Resume. The simplicity of this application allows anyone to be able to create beautiful graphics and rich videos.

One of Canva’s biggest features, is the ability to start off with a template. Inspiration takes up so much time but is essential to the process if you are not a natural creator. Canva makes it easy with designs already made, so all you have to do is replace an image and a few words with your own, and off you go.

One of the newest features of Canva is the ability to post directly from the platform. This is a huge feature as this allows you to stay within the application for all of your needs.

2. Video Editing

The caption says it all. You really won’t believe that a mobile application has this much power. Videoleap is by far the best platform for simple editing and transitions of videos at no cost. They even have text overlays and features you’d expect from Adobe Creative Suite. With it’s intuitive design and ease of use, Video leap can make anyone a basic video editor, without the need to go all Michael Bay on a simple social media post.

Videoleap is just the beginning, with dozens upon dozens of new apps emerging, all with the same basic workflow, but with added features and templates that make up the difference.

3. Podcasting

Audio is becoming an essential part of 2021. With Podcasting at an all-time high, Anchor is the perfect tool to help you create and be found. One of the greatest features on the platform is the ability to distribute your podcast or dozens of platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify (who owns Anchor as well), as well as their own proprietary library. This means your podcast will be found almost everywhere podcasting is played. For the price of FREE, how can you go wrong?

4. Memes

It’s true, memes make us laugh and think about things differently. They also sell. It’s remarkable how a meme that someone might think is dumb, could lead to some of the largest sales of your business. You have to understand, the game is attention. Memes grab your attention because when you are scrolling quickly on your feed past all of the congestion that is social media, you get a glance of something that will help you escape, something entertaining, like a meme. Mematic is the best tool to use simply because its….simple. You can select top layouts like the one of Leo above this post, and you can browse through popular meme images that Mematic keeps on file so that you can quickly go from idea to meme in a matter of seconds.


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