Dear Joe: I’m trying to grow my TikTok, but my videos just aren’t working…help!

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Dear Joe, I’m trying to grow my TikTok account for my salon but nobody likes my videos anymore and i feel like its just a waste of time. should i go back to Insta or FB? – salon from Long Island

Hi salon from Long Island, I see this a lot especially on TikTok. Yes, you can go viral overnight, but there’s so much more to TikTok then just creating videos and seeing what sticks. You should keep the audience of TikTok in mind as well. For example, some videos might be for educational purposes and thats 1 audience, another might be browsing TikTok solely for entertainment purposes. Are you putting out a mixture of each? Do you see a corolation of certain video types getting more views and likes as opposed to the other type. If you see a pattern, the maybe the thing to do is to mix a little of one type into the other.

Also, what do you mean aren’t working? Are you expecting to get business from these, or is it that becaause you don’t have millions of likes its “not working”. Don’t get caught up in likes. There are tons of creatives we’ve put out that got terrible like counts but have led to real business. I can tell you as a TikTok user that I don’t like 99% of the videos that truly help me, because I’m just too lazy. Keep that in mind befroe you judge how well a video is doing just because someone clicked a heart. Pay attention to your comments!



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