Dear Joe: Can I use ChatGPT for my blog?

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Dear Joe, I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT and I’ve made like 5 articles with it. Can I just post these as if i wrote them myself? – Concerned from Oklahoma

Hi Concerned from Oklahoma, ChatGPT is certainly revoltionary and can help big time with SEO, but please be careful not to just ask it to generate an article and paste that into your blog. Back in 2022, Google mentioned that AI generated content would be considered “spammy”. Now does this mean that Google will shut down your website and ban you forever, no. Will they in the future possibly ban content, its 100% possible.

To answer your initial question, you should 100% use ChatGPT to generate blog content such as titles, metadata, keywords. It’s built to get you the best and to information (with high accuracy, not 100% accuracy mind you). When it comes to the actual content itself, the more authentic it is, the safer you are. If you have ChatGPT generate the opening paragraph, but the rest of the article is all you, have at it. You need to understand that there is an AI war going on here, and Google is one of the sides. They need Bard to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, so they most likely will be able to fish out the new blog posts that you generate from their rival before it even has time to rank.

This is still all too young to even consider, but I tell all of my clients that using ChatGPT to write up an entire blog post is not something I’d recommend for the time being. If Google decides to ban that content in the future or make a decision on what they will do with it, you’d have wasted all that time when you could have been writing authentic content yourself and never have to worry!



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