How Can I Use ChatGPT as a Small Business Owner?

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ChatGPT, AI, Artificial Intelligence. What am I going to do with that!? I have no time to use this Advanced Technology and I don’t need it.

Sound Familiar?

I’m here to tell you that you do need it and I’m going to explain exactly what it is, how to use it, and even more importantly how to use it to capitalize on your marketing skills as a small business owner.

What is ChatGPT?

Long story short: it’s a smart assistant. Not just smart, highly intelligent to the point where you have no idea you’re not talking to a human, seriously.

The long story: It’s an Artificial Intelligent bot that has scraped the internet up until the year 2021. Yea, that’s billions and billions of pages worth of data (I’m being modest here). Just imagine hiring an intern, and his first task is to review all of the internet, retain that information in his head, and have the ability to not only recall information from it, but to give you directions word for word for anything you ask him, from “how do I fix my car engine?” to “what are some marketing trends for 2023, talk to me like I’m a business owner with no marketing experience”. Oh yea, thats a real prompt. Matter of fact, in our app we have a prompt just like that so that anyone can use it to get gain information like that as if they have zero marketing experience.

OK, now to the point of this article. Taking all of that into account, you can use ChatGPT for free to literally be told what a Senior Director of Marketing & Communications can tell you.

Tutorial: How to Create My First ChatGPT Prompt

Now for the good stuff.

1.) Navigate to and sign up, it literally takes less than 1 minute.

2.) Now that you’re all signed up, you should see this screen, which already tells you a few things that ChatGPT can do:

3.) Right in that text box, write this:

I am a small business owner who owns a restaurant. Give me some marketing ideas for posting on instagram this month. Speak to me as if I have no marketing background.

Now, watch the magic happen when you hit the Enter key.

You should now have a list of probably a dozen or so ideas that would have taken you hours to research and validate to bring back a list like that.

Let’s see, the next thing your saying to yourself is probably yea Joe this is great and all but I don’t know HOW to do any of this, hello I’m running a business over here. The next part will blow your mind.

Without having to re-tell ChatGPT what you already said, write this in the prompt

Ok, now give me directions on how to implement these ideas on instagram with numbered directions 

Do you see what I mean? You literally have an action plan step by step on how to implement everything that you just asked ChatGPT to suggest for you. The freedom that this tool gives you outshines any amount of income into your business.

ChatGPT is just one of the many tools starting to make its way around the internet and AI will only get smarter by the day, in fact it’s getting so smart that the biggest names in Tech are telling everyone to slow down. Don’t wait, start using ChatGPT for your small business.


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